Welcome to BD Pros, the essential resource for Business Development Professionals. I’m very excited to have you join and see you grow with us! Today’s businesses are changing at an accelerated pace. However, one thing remains consistent, your success is closely tied to the strength and depth on your network relationships.  Join IBDpros to connect with leading professionals, expand your network and learn best practices from top performers.

About BD Pros

“BD Pros is a community of generous business developers who share relationships and opportunities with their network while nurturing their own professional growth.”

BDPros is a community of people that are dedicated to careers in Business Development. Our members share relationships and opportunities with their network. They are passionate about learning and sharing best practices that will help them grow as well as shape how business gets done in the industries, they work in. We seek to challenge and improve ourselves by sharing our successes and greatest challenges; this will define us as a community and a profession.

Vision Statement: Where do we want to go?

BDPros is the premier, global resource for all Business Development Professionals. It’s a place to grow personally and professionally, advance your career, and expand your network through regular educational and social programs. Join our community of business development professionals to set yourself apart from the rest.

Mission Statement: How will we get there?

BDPros is driven to deliver the best content from the world’s leading business development experts across various industries. We offer the highest level of educational content, delivering critical and practical knowledge to be successful. Professionals at all levels of their careers can collaborate with peers and share real world experience at our monthly programs. Differentiate yourself from others in the BD field and open yourself up to networking globally.

Purpose Statement: Why do we do what we do?

BDPros defines how business development relates to sales and marketing, ensuring that communications are clear, and goals are met. We address a lack of communication and misalignment of expectations between the business development professional and the organizations they support. These gaps cost time and money; therefore, we address the disconnects and answer the questions that people don’t know to ask.

Meet the Board





Members please indicate your interest in participating in the following committees by sending an email to info@IBDpros.org. We will contact you for available positions. Each committee is expected to interact with membership as well as supporting committees.

Please Note: Terms for Committee and Board members are staggered in two and three year increments.

Communications: Support other committees by generating content, including Newsletter, Website, Programs, Education and Sponsorship.

Sponsorship: Add value to members by vetting the highest quality companies to participate in sponsoring events and programs and help advance BDPros.

Education: Build effective content to elevate membership and advance the BD profession.

Programs: Coordinate all activities of the organization, interacting with all committees.

BD Gives: Lead the selection and support of charitable organizations that we will support.

Awards: Recognize top practitioners in the field of Business Development

Membership: This committee will be responsible for driving membership, welcoming new members and survey & gather feedback to address membership needs. Future: holding membership drives.

Please Note: Terms for Committee and Board members are staggered in two and three year increments.