The reason for starting this community is to respond to the gaps in understanding what responsibilities fall under Business Development and other components of the sales funnel, (Branding, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing). We will help identify the disconnect in communication and more importantly share best practices to obtain a much better result.

Meetings will be both Educational and Social, connecting and helping each other is a top priority. We look forward to your involvement in our community.


Annual membership is $360 and includes:

– Member discounts to all events and programs
– Member Only access to “Listserv”
– Eligibility to serve on the Board or Committee
– Access to membership resources
– Innovative Networking
– Participation in Job Bank
– Sponsorship Opportunities
– Monthly Member Spotlight


Why Join?

If you make your living as a Business Development Professional, or are a business owner who needs to sharpen BD skills, you will benefit by being connected to a community of professionals who will help you improve your success rate. Benefits include:

Compare experiences with top industry professionals as you attend a wide array of industry events; both virtual and live. Discussing industry trends, getting and keeping Business Development jobs and much more.

Looking for your next Business Development position, or looking to hire a Business Development professional – this is your resource!

Top quality connections over a large volume of connections prevail. We are strategic and focused in our networking approach. Elevate yourself by helping others, and collectively we all win.

Advance your career by sharpening your Business Development skills. Become a mentor in the Business Development community and “give back” by sharing your unique approach and successes. Find a mentor to help you navigate to a higher level; pick up new skills from leaders in the Business Development industry.

Planned Topics

Conversations will be open and collaborative, so whether you are new or seasoned, there will be tremendous value in BD Pros membership. Challenge yourself to expand your network and improve your communication skills as you grow. Learn the role BD plays in the sales process, as well as many other sales support efforts (branding, marketing, advertising, etc.). Communicate effectively and capitalize on your network of friends and associates. Join us today.

Sharing challenges and solutions through our interactive newsletter.

Open conversations about full compensation packages, job responsibilities and measuring success will be topics of discussion.

Both virtual and actual meetings, how can we stay strategic, focused, effective and personal all at the same time. The Business Development community knows how to stay connected – it’s what we are all about.

The number one reason for building trusted relationships and winning or loosing accounts – following up is the only way to build a successful network. Learn how the best conduct themselves and stay in top.

Styles vary from generation to generation Learn the most effective way to navigate the different forms and approaches.

Alignment of goals and defining what success looks like will go a long way to keeping you and your employer happy.

Rules of Conduct

BD Pros is a professional organization for the education and advancement of BD professionals. Accordingly, we look for our members to conduct themselves with the highest morals at all times, treating all with respect and being lawful citizens.